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Survey: Home Improvement Trends in the Time of Covid


2020 has been a homeowner challenge like no year before it. In light of 2020’s safety issues, economic downturn, quarantine life, and more, what does the data say about recent homeowner trends? We dug into the numbers to find out.

Key Findings

  • Over three in four (76%) homeowners in the United States have carried out at least one home improvement project since the start of the COVID pandemic, according to our survey. 78% plan to undertake at least one home improvement project in the next 12 months.
  • In a trend across generations, as many as 82% of Millennials and Gen Z, 79% of Gen X, and 56% of Baby Boomers made at least one improvement to their home in the last few months.
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Will this year's recession be as bad as — or worse than — the Great Recession? To understand the answer, we have to look at some key differences. Opinion piece by Brian Mullins.

The future is always unknown. However, many of us are looking to the recent past — or more specifically, the Great Recession — for a sign of what’s to come. With unemployment rates projected to climb 30 percent or more, this year’s crisis might feel even worse than what happened in 2008. However, the truth is that today’s situation is much different, especially for us in the real estate industry. 

1. This is a medical crisis that has created an economic crisis

Let’s be honest, the Great Recession was created out of a few things — the American dream, greed and too much…

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